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422 St. Joseph Blvd. West, Montreal, QC., H2V 2P5 Canada
Sunday of St John of Climacus
John who lived in the flesh, yet was dead to the world,
become now breathless and dead, lives forever.
Leaving his writings, the Ladder of Ascent,
to show us the means of his own ascent.
John died on the thirtieth day (of March).

At the age of sixteen, this clever man offered himself as a most sacred sacrifice to God by going up to join the monastery on Mount Sinai. When he reached the age of nineteen he took a vow of silence. Living in the monastery at Thole for forty years, he burned always with love and the fire of the desire for God. He ate anything, which was not against the monastic rule, but with great temperance, thus wisely breaking the horn of pride. Yet what mind could express the source of his tears! He partook of sleep only insomuch as not to harm his body, though his mind was vigilant. His prayer was constant, and his love for God limitless. Having lived a life of amendment pleasing to God, and having written his ladder of ascent, expounding his words of instruction, he fell asleep in the Lord, full of goodness. He left many other writings as well.

Through his prayers, O God,
have mercy on us
and save us.

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