Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
422 St. Joseph Blvd. West, Montreal, QC., H2V 2P5 Canada
We are seeking volunteers for many important tasks! - 19/06/2020

Dear Parishioners of Saint Nicholas,

Vladyka Gabriel has blessed us to write you this short note. The short answer to what is on everybody’s minds is that: “Yes we have been given permission to open up our cathedral”. The Government has very specifically worded their announcement that only those parishes that have established protocols in place will be allowed to open.

We have a protocol for opening and for a sustained operation which is currently being finalized as details are being released to us from the relevant authorities. We will be ready but are asking for just a little bit more patience as we work through this very difficult but most important process.

In the interim we are seeking volunteers for many important tasks that will need to be completed in advance of opening and more importantly to keep our church doors open.

Please let us know by email at

Examples of opening tasks: 

-Moving candle and icon stands.
-Make sure that the chairs are placed at the proper distance.  

Examples of on-going tasks:

-Greeting those entering the church.
-Ensuring that people maintain social distancing.
-Ensuring that people wash their hands as they walk into the church.
-Disinfection procedures.


Many thanks in advance and God Bless!

Cathedral Clergy.

Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia